Casual Sloths

Casual Sloths are a population of 4444 sloths on the Ethereum blockchain. They live in Slothropolis, where the only danger comes from failed experiments of Dr. Chockblain.

Together with Dr. Chockblain, the sloths are working on a solid plan to initiate an NFT bull market. The doctor's job is to keep the sloth population safe and healthy so they can keep working on the plan.


Because of the size of the population together with suffering from vivid nightmares, Dr. Chockblain decided it was time to look for personal caretakers for each one of his sloths. OG collection

The adoption was a success, all 4444 sloths we're adopted in only a couple days of time. Dr. Chockblain made sure that everyone that adopted a sloth is getting rewarded 3 tokens per day for the next 5 years.

The sloths seem to be very happy with their new caretakers, which has given them more energy to work on bringing the NFT bull market back.


Meet Jerry, a sloth that is travelling a lot for work. On his latest trip he wen't to The Bahamas and brought back some sort of tropical disease.

It turned out to be the Sloth Pox. Before the doctor could intervene, Jerry already spreaded the pox among the whole sloth population.

Unfortunately for the new caretakers this disease outbreak happened only 1 day after becoming owner of the sloths. None of the caretakers seemed to have a solution for the problem so they asked Dr. Chockblain to create a vaccine.

Dr. Chockblain and the population blamed Jerry for the spreading of the disease and decided to burn his passport. Jerry was fired from his job and was sent to a special caretaker.


For the vaccine the doctor had find the 5 main ingredients. He travelled all over the blockchain to find what he was searching for.

While most of the creatures were friendly and seemed to be okay with Dr. Chockblain extracting the ingredients from their body, some of them put up a fight resulting in epic battles.

After locating all the ingredients Dr. Chockblain did a discovery while he was brewing the vaccine. When he took a look under the microscope, he realised that what he created was a cure for the sloth pox. The infected part of the cells was seperated from the healthy part of the cells.

Caretakers are able to vaccinate their sloths untill 17 August 8pm UTC inside the Lab.

Infected clones

After vaccinating the sloths everything looked fine for a while. The sloths were getting better but something weird was happening. Slowly the sloths started to duplicate and something was really wrong with the clones.

After further investigation, the doctor came to the conclusion that by seperating the healthy and infected parts of the cell, he accidentally created infected clones. Infected collection

The infected started to cause trouble in Slothropolis, which is why Dr. Chockblain wants to lock all infected into a cryo chamber untill he has a solution. He is currently working on a cure for the infected.

Caretakers can help the doctor locking up the infected clones in the Lab. Read more about the lock up here.