Help Dr. Chockblain

The infected are causing trouble in Slothropolis. Help Dr. Chockblain lock them up in a cryo chamber. He will eventually get them all, so help him and receive a reward soon before he catches them himself.


You will be able to vaccinate your sloths untill 17 August 8pm UTC.

Lock up

You can help Dr. Chockblain lock up the infected inside the lab. The doctor will give you 25 tokens in rewards per locked up infected. These tokens will be distributed after the token launch (TBA). You can help Dr. Chockblain for a week, untill the 18th of august 6pm UTC. If you haven't locked them up by then, the doctor will lock them up himself.

The cure

Dr. Chockblain will test his new cure on all of the infected in cryo sleep at the 18th of august at 8pm UTC.


Every infected in your wallet is an entry for our upcoming raffle. The raffle will be held at the 19th of August at 8pm UTC. The infected won't be burned and will always be a part of our story so holding them will still generate you 1 token per day per NFT.

Lock up start 11 August 8pm UTC
Lock up end 18 August 6pm UTC
The cure (event) 18 August 8pm UTC
Vaccination end 17 August 8pm UTC
Raffle 19 August 9pm UTC
Raffle prizes (30)
Sappy Seal 1x
Casual Sloth 10x
Boki 5x
The Plague 5x
100 Tokens 5x
0.05 ETH 4x